… Dr. Shoshany came highly recommended and I quickly understood why. He and his staff are very knowledgeable, and his patients are treated with great respect and professionalism.
… It’s been 10 days since my injury and I feel almost 100% better. I can’t rave enough about how professional this practice is, how wonderful the staff is and how comfortable I am under the care of Dr. Shoshany.
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Chiropractic techniques can treat many painful conditions


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment is the overwhelming leader in alternative pain management therapy in the U.S alone. It has been practiced around the world for well over 100 years. It has a an amazing record for safety and effectiveness, especially when compared to more “traditional” pain treatments like drugs and surgery.

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Chiropractic techniques help relieve pain naturally

A Non Invasive Approach

Unlike painful injections or invasive surgery which require a lot of down time and often have a long recovery process, chiropractic treatment has minimal restrictive effect on your quality of life. You can often go about your daily activities while undergoing treatment. It is also very easy to combine other treatments such as, physical therapy and soft tissue mobilization techniques like as the Graston Technique, with Chiropractic adjustments to help speed recovery and allow the body to heal itself with minimal interference.

A full range diagnostic and treatment facility


Unrivaled Patient Care

With hundreds of five star reviews, here is what some patients are saying:

“…he explained everything really well – which techniques were going to be used, when I should come in, how I was suppose to feel after the visits – he was great. Thanks for everything Dr.Shoshany.”   Robert

“I was scheduled and seen the same day and received excellent Chiropractic care. His massage therapist is excellent.”   James

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